[Tex/LaTex] Minion Pro and Monospace Font


This is more a typography question than a TeX one, but can anyone recommend me a good monospaced font that blends well with Minion Pro?

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I found this thread, because I had the same issue and I tested a huge bunch of teletype fonts and got stuck with cfr-lm. But loading the whole cfr-lm package would be overkill so I just did:


Which is equivalent to



In the following example of a bibliography with biblatex the DOI is typeset with cfr-lm.

enter image description here

If you want to typeset source code it might be better to use the tabular version of cfr-lm as you usually want to align stuff in your code. Personally I think that lining figures also look better in code. Therefore I'd use


which is equivalent to



This piece of code is taken from another answer I once gave.

% arara: pdflatex: { shell: yes }
\pagestyle{empty}% for cropping
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}% cfr-lm is T1 only
%\renewcommand{\ttdefault}{clmjv}% oldstyle, proportional
\renewcommand{\ttdefault}{clmt}% lining, tabular
const uint8_t *data     = /* buffer head */;
const uint8_t *data_end = /* buffer tail */;
int size = bytestream_get_be16(&data);
if (data + size >= data_end || data + size < data)
    return -1;
data += size;
int len = ff_amf_tag_size(data, data_end);
if (len < 0 || data + len >= data_end
            || data + len < data)
    return -1;
data += len;
/* continue to read data */
  \caption{Unstable bounds checks in the form $\code{data} + x < \code{data}$ from FFmpeg/Libav, which gcc optimizes into $x < 0$.}

enter image description here