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I'm building a script for a CI to get a docker image with minimal distribution of Texlive possible, I specifically want to avoid pulling 5 Gb of texlive-full everytime I need this docker image.

Right now I see this script as

  1. install texlive-something
  2. tlmgr install latexmk
  3. tlmgr install texliveonfly
  4. texliveonfly -c latexmk -a "-pdf -f -synctex=0" myFile.tex (install missing tex packages and compile with latexmk)
  5. deploy results and cache the tex-related part of the image.

Which package should I chose for texlive-something so that these steps work? Thanks in advance.


It seems that the word minimal can lead to some confusion. In this case it means (for a package)

  1. Has a set of binaries (pdflatex, tlmgr, bibtex/biber, perl, I might be missing something) that would allow me to compile an empty document. Should I need some other binaries, I'm ok with adding this dependencies by hand

  2. Contains a minimal set of LaTeX packages so that an empty document would compile. If I understand correctly, most other packages will be handled by texliveonfly (barring some esoteric cases, of course, but that can be handled manually, too).

In other words, minimal in terms of total disk space under the hypothesis that an empty document compiles using the instruments I mentioned.

Best Answer

Installing texlive from TUG (https://www.tug.org/texlive/acquire-netinstall.html) you can have a minimal latex installation with 76 MB by selecting:

  • the basic scheme

enter image description here

  • not installing documentation and source

enter image description here

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