[Tex/LaTex] MiKTeX Update: Error `\textfont is undefined` with Package `url`


The following MWE does not compile with XeLaTeX anymore after a MiKTeX update today:


    Test: \url{http://test-website.com}

You will need the Linux Libertine OTF fonts in order to reproduce the error, but they don't need to be installed. Just place LinLibertine_R.otf in the same folder as your MWE TeX file.

The problem seems to be the hyphen (-) into the URL. The same MWE compiled without problems before the update. So far I could reproduce this issue only with this font.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Best Answer

The described behavior was caused by a bug in XeTeX, which has been resolved now. After updating MiKTeX, the issue has been gone.