[Tex/LaTex] Micro-graphics inline in text


Can I insert a graphic in-line in a sentence?

Use case: I'm writing a manual that involves navigating the Windows Start Menu. I would like to insert a little graphic of the start menu in-line in the text. I am aware of a sparklines package that does something similar, but have not been able to distill that to a simple example.

Is there a macro or command that can help with this?

In addition (and I hope this is a valid part of the question, but am happy to post it as a new question) I would like a shortcut or command to display the Windows Start Menu plus n steps of navigation, so I could write the following:

Some paragraph and then \WinMenu{Start}{Programs}{Foo}{Bar}{Baz.exe} and then more text.


Lorem ipsum \WinMenu{Programs,Foo,Bar,Baz.exe} and then more text.

or something similar, and the result in the PDF will be stylized somehow, with the little Start Menu box icon (shown as "GRAPHIC" below), and then, for example, in bold or \tttext fonts, GRAPHIC > Foo > Bar > Baz.exe as part of and embedded in the existing sentence.

Best Answer

Here is one way to do it. I took the liberty to add some formatting, but feel free to change it as you wish:


\StartMenu %
\foreach \x in {#1} {%
    $\boldsymbol{\textcolor{\WineMenuColor}{>}}$ \texttt{\textcolor{\WineMenuColor}{\x}}%

Lorem ipsum \WinMenu{Programs,Foo,Bar,Baz.exe} and then more text.

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