[Tex/LaTex] Memoir: no space after section heading


How do I set zero space after a section heading using memoir.cls? If I use the following:


I get a run-in heading. This is only supposed to happen when the specified skip is negative. Currently, I have


but that feels rather hackish.

Best Answer

Quoting from the LaTeX 2e sources, p. 283 (regarding the \@startsection command):

afterskip: if positive, then skip to leave below heading, else negative of skip to leave to right of run-in heading

In other words, a run-in heading is supposed to happen if the specified skip is exactly zero.

I suggest to use \setaftersubsubsecskip{1sp} -- it is a hack, but you're in good company. You may also switch to the titlesec package which allows for zero and negative afterskips that don't create run-in headings -- but titlesec might break other memoir features.