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I'm using TeXworks version 0.4.3 r857 (MiKTeX 2.9) in Windows 7.

Usually I use TeXShop on the Mac, but my Mac G5 is in need of repair. So now on the Windows side I'm wondering if there is an equivalent for the palette full of oft-used math symbols. Also, what about macros for common typographical edits? Do such things exist or is one forced to type in all the math symbols and typographical commands by hand?

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Yes, there are editors with such GUIs.

  1. Winedt:

enter image description here

You have to press the \Sigma button (shown in red rectangle in picture) to open the math palette. It has also the AMS symbols etc as you can see from the list (inside green rectangle). Caveat: It is shareware.

2. Texmaker:

enter image description here

3. Texstudio:

enter image description here

In both TeXmaker and TeXstudio, these palettes can be activated from the buttons available in the sidebar.

4. TeXnicCenter:

enter image description here

You can activate the toolbars by View → Toolbars as in the picture.

5. Kile (can be installed in windows too :-)...)

enter image description here

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