[Tex/LaTex] Making a numbered list


I am trying to make this into a list and it is giving me an hbox overfull and justifying the text to the right in the pdf. I simply want to put numbers on this and make a list.


\list A confined aquifer with no leaking.
\list The wells are fully penetrating.
\list The cone of depression is symetric around the well.
\list The aquifer is homogenous and isotropic meaning that the hydrauli cconductivity (k) does not change.
\list There is not vertical flow ie. no recharge and water is flowing into the well only.
\list Drawdown in the well occurs instanteously ie water comes into the well from the surrounding rock without delay.
\list  All flow is Darcian.  
\list  At t=o, meaning start of the test the drawdown(s) is zero.
\list The drawdown at an infinite distance from the well is zero.
\list Volume of water entering the well is equal to the pump rate (steady-state conditions). 
\list The well box is not being resupplied with water which means we have an infinitely small well.


Best Answer

To start a new list item you should use the \item command within one of the list environments (itemize, enumerate, description), not \list. So try

  \item First points
  \item Second
  \item Etc.
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