[Tex/LaTex] making a big summation sign


How can I make a big summation sign?

‎\cos x‎ ‎=‎ ‎‎\sum\limits‎_‎{n=0}^{‎\‎‎infty‎} ‎\frac{(ix)^{2n‎}}{(2n)!}‎‎

this is the code which I'm using for summation

Best Answer

You can use the command \mathlarger of the relsize package. It increases the size and it can be nested. For example:

‎‎\cos x‎ ‎=‎ \mathlarger{\mathlarger{‎‎\sum}}_{n=0}^{\infty}\frac{(ix)^2n}{(2n)!}‎‎

equation with bigger sum symbol


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