[Tex/LaTex] Make small caps the same size as lowercase


Letters in small caps (\scshape) are larger (height and width) than lower case letters. How can you make them the same size?

Minimal example:

Default: \textsc{a}a, \textsc{b}b, \textsc{c}c \dots
Solution should look more like this: \textsc{\footnotesize a}a, 
  \textsc{\footnotesize b}b, \textsc{\footnotesize c}c \dots

Best Answer

It would be much better to choose a font designed to your liking. Obviously, this depends on more than just the size of small-caps, but here's one example,


kpfonts small-caps and lowercase

Note that no font will make them the same width since the shapes of upper and lowercase letters differ and, hence, so do those of small-caps and lowercase. But I assume you can't really want small-caps i to be the same width as lowercase i....