[Tex/LaTex] Make latexdiff mark differences in title


I am using latexdiff for showing the difference between two latex documents, but for some reason latexdiff is not displaying differences in the title of a document.

Is there a way to fix this?

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I always use wdiff to mark the changes in two revisions of the same document. I do not know the pros and cons compared with latexdiff, but it works fine for me. First, you have to download and install wdiff. I do not know for windows, but for mac or linux you have to do the usual ./configure & make combination. Now you compare the two latex files with

./wdiff --start-delete='\sout{' --end-delete='}' --start-insert='\uline{' --end-insert='}' version1.tex version2.tex > diff.tex

in the terminal. It puts the deleted parts between \sout{ and }. It also puts the new parts between \uline{ and }. You get a new file diff.tex. Open the file and make sure to use the ulem package. wdiff compares every word in the file, so if your were changing LaTeX macros and won't work well. It also does not like unmatched brackets, if you are changing e.g. only part of an equation.

My example output is

enter image description here

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