[Tex/LaTex] Magazine template


Does anybody know where I can find this kind of template for magazine:

enter image description here

Or something similar? (not exactly the same, but similar design?) I have checked many websites, but haven't found anything.

Best Answer

You do not specify the minimum (similar?) requirements of your desired magazine layout, but in general, such complex and inconsistent layouts are more suitable for desktop publishing software as Scribus or InDesign.

Said that, there are the paperTeX document class:


There also a newspaper package to produce a similar layout to the New York Times:


And even the newsletr macros in plain TeX for this purpose:


Finally, flowfram package allow you to design your own layout. See Three-columns text with figures of 2\columnwidth for more information:


Of course, there are also others packages as cuted and cutwin that can help in text shapes in differrent ways, as well as many others to obtain magazine-like effects (backgrounds, etc.) but this is a too broad subject.

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