[Tex/LaTex] LyX table new line


While inside a table, it seems impossible to use Ctrl+Enter in order to start a new line in the same column. So if I have, for example, a column name "veni, vidi, vici" and I don't want it to be so wide, I would be able to write it:


one word under the other. Anybody knows how to do it with LyX?


Best Answer

You need to give the column where you want to do this a fixed width — right-click the cell, select More | Settings and in the pop-up dialogue enter a reasonable value in width. I have, for your example, set it to 2 cm.

If you have Lyx ≥ 2.0.4, you can just type Enter now.

Otherwise, without space, Insert | Tex Code right after veni. In the field that appears, type \linebreak with, importantly, a space after the box. Repeat the same for vidi. The job should be done.


Using \newline as suggested by @Vitaly also allows new lines, but indents the last line and moves off the center:

LyX_2 PDF_2