[Tex/LaTex] Loading packages with .ins and .dtx files


The standard directions for dealing with .ins and .dtx files is to

… run LaTeX on the .ins file to unpack the .dtx file …

I understand what this means in a UNIX context. What, if anything, does it mean in a Windows context?

Obviously I am trying to load a package into a Windows installation of LaTeX that does not have a very capable Package Manager. Some packages I can load by just putting the appropriate files in the appropriate subdirectories of the LaTeX program, but that of course will not work when there are .ins and .dtx files.

In case anybody wonders, the LaTeX program I am dealing with is version 6 of PCTeX. I know, I know, I should just use MikTeX, which I have on my computer and know how to use.

Best Answer

On Windows, after downloading and unzipping the package contents in the directory you like (let's call it <your_path>), you have to start the Command Prompt and type there:

cd <your_path>
latex <your_file>.ins

Here is an example (Windows 10, Italian version):

enter image description here

In case some instructions are presented on the screen, follow them.

Eventually, you'll get:

enter image description here

As indicated, if <your_path> isn't already a directory where LaTeX looks for inputs files, to finish the installation, move the <your_file>.sty file into such a directory.