[Tex/LaTex] List section in pdf bookmarks, but omit in LaTeX table of contents

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Normally (under pdflatex with hyperref) a section added with \section will appear in both the LaTeX table of contents, and the pdf metadata; while a \section* will be omitted from both.

Is it possible to include a (sub)section in the metadata, but not list it in the TOC?

(The use-case in question is end-of-chapter exercises and notes in a book: we want to keep the TOC uncluttered, but having bookmarks for these in the pdf is very convenient.)

Best Answer

The package bookmark provides a command \bookmark[OPTIONS]{title}. You need to define a hypertarget and create a bookmark to it:

 \section*{Exercises and Notes}
 \bookmark[level=section,dest=exercises]{Exercises and Notes}

bookmark should be loaded after hyperref.