[Tex/LaTex] LaTexing vs LaTexTools (Sublime text plugins)


I want to use sublime as my default IDE for TeX (currently I'm using Latex Studio). I've found two great packages:

  1. LaTexTools

  2. LaTexing

Both has somehow the same list of features but LaTeXing seems to have extra feature and hassle free (is it correct?). It seems support better auto complete features (esp. the citation) and better multiple PDF viewer compatibility and larger snippets (I might be wrong).

In another side, LaTexTools seems to have much larger user community and It's open source and again seems to have lots of primary features that LaTeXing has. LaTeXing isn't free (15$/user) but it has free unlimited trial and seems closed source and premium support.

I searched the web for comparison between these two, but I didn't find any proper thread. I think it could be beneficial for the users to have a good review and comparison between these two packages (to save time). What is the key differences/features between the two?


  • I'm using Linux vs ST3 ( LaTexTools didn't support ST3 some month ago and the choice was easier).
  • I sometimes work with XeTeX and I like to switch to LuaTeX in the future so build systems are essential.
  • I like to create TeX documents as projects and some times the projects are large so go to anything and auto complete the file names are quite handy

Update (Apr-09-2017)

I no longer use Sublime text. Also the state of the latex support in sublime might have changed. So I've changed the approved answer.

Best Answer

The point of LaTeXing not being FLOSS is truly important and betting for small-scale closed-source is always risky. If the software author pulls the plug, forking by others is often not an option.

... And as it happens, look what is now WAS figuring prominently on the LaTeXing home page:

2014-06-27 16:48 by Chris

The purchase of a license for LaTeXing is temporary not possible. Due to personal issues the distribution is stopped and will be not continued for a few month. This is not the end of LaTeXing, the program will still receive updates and bug fixes during that time.

As of March 2020, the LaTeXing github repository has been inactive since 2015 (except for one typo in a 2018 pull request). One fork has some extra snippets added, otherwise all forks are inactive.