[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX with markdown and tables


I'm trying to build up a new documentation system using Markdown and LaTeX. After several hours most things are running smooth, but tables are a bit complicated.

Most of the text can be written with Markdown syntax, included by


But tables with defined cell-widths and multicolumns have to be done in LaTeX native code.

To make the document more easy to write down, I am planning to create a LaTeX macro creating these tables. So the writer only has to fill some macro variables and LaTeX is buliding the table.

Even this is almost working BUT

I have to stop the Markdown environment with \end{markdown} just before creating the table and entable Markdown with \begin{markdown}. This isn't working well within the document like:


    {parameter 1}
    {parameter 2}


But, when trying to put these commands to the macro like


\begin{longtable}{>{\columncolor[gray]{0.8}}p{2.5cm}|p{2.5cm} p{2.5cm} p{3.5cm} p{2.5cm}}
        Cell1&\multicolumn{2}{l}{S\{1\} #1}&\multicolumn{2}{r}{#2}\\\hline
        Cell x&cell y &\multicolumn{1}{c}{\textbf{cell w}}&cell z&\multicolumn{1}{c}{\textbf{6}}\\

an using the macro like


    {parameter 1}
    {parameter 2}


LaTeX complains about

\begin{document} ended by \end{markdown}.

Seems ending markdown within the makro is not working very well.
And yes, ending markdown at the beginning of a macro and starting markdown at the ending of a macro maybe bad code, but I'd like to create a table with just a single command.

Any suggestions to a big LaTeX noop?

Best Answer

I did find a solution.

Within the macro, I have to use \endmarkdown{} instead of \end{markdown}.

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