[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX to HTML: PolyTeXnic and PlasTeX


I was stunned by the elegant appearance of the Tau manifesto page, for which the source is in LaTeX. The author used a home-made tool that he calls PolyTeXnic, but which he is not willing to release.

How difficult would it be to reproduce his result? I'm leaning towards using PlasTeX as the base tool.

Edit I was not referring to the contents of the Tau manifesto page 🙂 but rather to its general appearance: nice cross references, equations, figures, tables, cross-references to them, footnotes, bibliographical references, etc.
The maths is actually what worries me the least, thanks to MathJax. I was rather thinking on all the other aspects of the document, and whether PlasTeX might be up to the task.

Best Answer

Let me answer myself to myself: one of the most reliable ways to convert LaTeX into html is definitely TeX4ht, because it uses TeX as the underlying engine.

TeX4ht takes care of the cross references, the figures, footnotes, bibliography, and more. The math parts are transformed into MathML which is then beautifully rendered using MathJax.