[Tex/LaTex] Latex template for Scientific Reports (Nature)


I've googled around a lot with, but I got no success. I hope I can find here some help.

Is there someone that can share a link to download a Latex template for the online journal Scientific Reports?

Best Answer

The journal recommend using either the article, revtex or amsart document classes. They say the following:

TeX/LaTeX - Authors submitting LaTeX files may use any of the standard class files such as article.cls, revtex.cls or amsart.cls. Non-standard fonts should be avoided; please use the default Computer Modern fonts. For the inclusion of graphics, we recommend graphicx.sty. Please use numerical references only for citations. References should be included within the manuscript file itself as our system cannot accept BibTeX bibliography files. Authors who wish to use BibTeX to prepare their references should therefore copy the reference list from the .bbl file that BibTeX generates and paste it into the main manuscript .tex file (and delete the associated \bibliography and \bibliographystyle commands). As a final precaution, authors should ensure that the complete .tex file compiles successfully on their own system with no errors or warnings, before submission.

All details for submitting an article to Scientific Reports can be found here.

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