[Tex/LaTex] Latex Presentation: letting bullets appear


I am using latex to create a document in the beamer class. Say I have a frame with three bullets. In order to keep the attention of my public, I would like to start with only the first bullet and then advance to the next two bullets by letting them appear after I click on the mouse/pointer. In Powerpoint I would do this by using one slide and letting the additional bullets appear via the appearance option.

However, the only way I can think of to do this in Latex, is making three different frames: one with one bullet, the second with two bullets and the third with three bullets. This is unhandy and furthermore (I am using \usetheme{Darmstadt}) every frame is given a different circle in the contents in the upper part of the frame, such that I get way too many circles.

Any smart ways to resolve this?

Best Answer

Or you can specify how show each item:

\begin{frame}{Only one frame}
\item<1-> One bullet
\item<3> One more  bullet
\item<2-> Another  bullet