[Tex/LaTex] Latex not showing pictures


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i am trying to solve my situation with pics here, I am using MUNI template fithesis2, and I have a problem, that including eps picture goes well, but there in none in the final pdf… i will show you the weird thing happening to me…

I have simply this:




\caption{Upstream coverage}
\label{Upstream coverage}


I compile it with this :

pdflatex --shell-escape thesis.tex

and I am getting this:


I am trying to solve it for few hours now and seem to have o solution 🙁
please somebody take a look, maybe its obvious I have no experience with latex

Best Answer

With draft option many (or all?) classes and packages don't include pictures but a 'dummy picture' with the same size and the file name.

If you omit the draft option you should see your image.

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