[Tex/LaTex] Latex memory usage & CPU


I want to buy a VPS with some sort of Linux on it in order to run apache, LaTeX. I need to choose processor and ram. How much does LaTeX use? What will be an appropriate configuration to run LaTeX smoothly? I didn't know whever to put this question in ServerFault or not, but here seems more appropriate.

Best Answer

From my experience, memory usage by LaTeX is the least of your worries. For instance, right now I have TeXShop and TeXWorks open and have quite a few files open, both combined are taking up about 150MB of memory, Firefox on the other hand is using 660MB. When I run LaTeX I don't even notice any difference in memory usage stats.

Now, I only have 2GB of RAM on my Mac, and feel that I need to remedy that, and if buying a new Mac, I'd probably get 8GB as I will need to run xcode.