[Tex/LaTex] Latex: Longtable always starts in a new page leaving the previous page nearly empty (IEEE format )


Im new to using LaTeX. I am writing a Longtable that spread across 2 pages. But LaTeX always adds starts the table in a new page and so I end up with a long break in the previous page. Same thing happens after the table. The text continues on the next page.

I am writting for IEEE format paper. So am using \onecolumn and \twocolumn enclosing the longtable code.

Any help appreciated.

Best Answer

longtable itself doesn't force a page break unless the table is going to start very near the bottom of the page, howver both the \onecolumn and \twocolumn commands do force a page break, so if you place those before and after longtable you will get a forced break.

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