[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX keeps putting the figure alone in last page



I'm writing my thesis and I'm having some trouble with \subfigure package. I have this code below in some part of my text:

Some big text with a few explanations here...
\label{Figure 4.5a}}
\label{Figure 4.5b}}
\label{Figure 4.5c}}
\caption{Caption from Figure 4.5}
\label{Figure 4.5}

This code above is repeated 3 times (because I have a set of 12 charts to place and I have to explain each other) and it fills 4 entire pages (and that's ok, I don't need small charts, I need big ones so it is good to read). Then comes a text with some explanations, I begin another section with a short text and then I include another 2 charts, like this:

\label{Figure 4.9a}}
\label{Figure 4.9b}}
\caption{Caption from Figure 4.9}
\label{Figure 4.9}

The problem begins in this last picture. All the text I type after this last figure (Figure 4.9) comes before this figure and my Figure 4.9 is placed in a single page, alone.

My question: is there a way not to let the Figure 4.9 alone in a single page? I know LaTeX will float my figures and fit it the best way, but I have to pass 5 pages so I can see a chart that was mentioned 5 pages before. As I see it, there is a way for LaTeX to rearrange the space and put some text after Figure 4.9. I tried \pagebreak, but didn't work.


Best Answer

You have explicitly prevented latex from putting the float on a page on its own, as you have used the optional argument and not included p so over-riding the default [tbp]. So not using the option or including p would probably help.

\pagebreak does not flush pending floats you need \clearpage for that, although that may not be needed if the floats are allowed to be positioned automatically on float pages.

It's hard to give specific advice as you have not provided any usable example code.

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