[Tex/LaTex] Latex ignoring vspace. How to get these two images on the same page


I have the following to insert two images into a latex document:


This allows them to width across the width of the page perfectly, but the problem is I can't get them both on the same page. They would easily fit, except latex is insisting there be about 3 inches between them. I've tried a figure, subfigures and negative vspace* (which gets ignored).

Can anyone tell me a simple way to reduce the spacing/margins/whatever to get latex to realize they fit together?

Best Answer

  • You could use pdfcrop to crop the interfering margins off the two pdf files. This small tool could already be part of your LaTeX distribution.

  • \includegraphics understands optional arguments for cropping the margins, you might use for instance trim or viewport.

  • Macros like \makebox, \llap and \rlap could reduce the effective width of the image.