[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX for music


I need help how to construct in Latex the following:

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This is one of the standard chord explanations in the music theory or practice. It is used to explain the harmonic processes in a piece of music. There are several different ways to describe the harmonic progressions, this one is the German standard, having roots in the Baroque music and Generalba├č (Figured Bass). As a music teacher, I need to put these symbols in the score to explain the music. This one is a combination of the tonal system (T, D, S, s, P, F…) and the Figured Bass numbers.

Best Answer

You could use a matrix for this. I put everything in custom commands. Like this, you can adjust kerning, line thickness, arraystretch, font, and so on later.

% arara: pdflatex


\[D\mystack{7 \cr 6\myrule{2em}5  \cr 4\myrule{1.5em}3} T\mystack{5\\3}\]

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