[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX Error: File `subfiles.sty’ not found


I'm using pdflatex to compile my .tex files and I'm new on this.

I have this package that uses subfiles, but I can't compile because of this error:

LaTeX Error: File `subfiles.sty' not found.

I have already installed texlive-full and all other packages that I think could be the solution, also I run texhash and didn't work.

How can I overcome this error?
Where are the package files? Can I download a subfiles.sty directly there?

Best Answer

First of all, it is important to know how did you install TexLive:

  • As a package from your linux distribution.
    • What distribution?
    • What version of TexLive?
  • Directly from TexLive.

My installation of TexLive is the second one, TexLive 2012, and the file subfiles.sty is located at:


So, if you installed from your distribution, you have two options:

  • If using Debian (or Debian based distros), install texlive-latex-extra as pointed out by @egreg.
  • If using other distros, try to search a good match with the respectiv package manager.
  • If you prefer to have a more up-to-date LaTeX distribution, think about installing TexLive2012 from the link above.


As you are using Linux Mint, this problem is very strange, because if you execute in a terminal:

apt-cache show texlive-latex-extra

you can find subfile package in the list.


According to packages.debian.org, the location of subfiles.sty should be this:


Not your desired solution, but my humble advice:

I use Linux Mint debian edition at home (and Debian at work), but on both systems I have TexLive2012 installed by hand, in a custom directory, so I cannot tell you what happens with the distro packages.

Haven't you thought about installing TexLive directly with install-tl?:

I hope this can help.