[Tex/LaTex] !LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic in simLinkError.pdf (no Bounding Box)


I'm trying to put a .pdf graphic in my LaTeX file. This is usually no problem for me. I use pdfLaTeX in TeXworks. The only difference this time seems to be that I'm using the style files from the journal Statistical Science (http://www.e-publications.org/ims/support/sts-instructions.html).

I've tried several solutions. This one and converting the pdf to .eps or .ps all make the error go away, but then there is just a big blank space where the image is supposed to be. Any ideas?

Edit: Here is the preamble:

\includegraphics[width =  \textwidth]{simLinkError.pdf}

Best Answer

Options to \documentclass are examined by all packages. So you're loading graphicx with the dvips option, which allows only EPS graphics to be imported and is nonsense when the engine is pdflatex. So remove it.


In general dvips, pdftex or xetex should not be used even with packages that know them, such as

  • graphicx
  • hyperref
  • geometry

that can deduce the needed driver by themselves.