[Tex/LaTex] Latex 12pt is different from actual font size 12 on Microsoft Word


I have an assignment which I have written in Latex and I realized the prof has restrictions on Font Size and Font Name. The specification indicates that the document must be presented using "Times New Roman" font with size of 12.

using :


outputs a result which is expected to be the same font size as 12 on Microsoft Word (presumably) – however, when compared to a printed document using Word, the font size of latex is smaller (around 11 on Word).

I read some where that Word uses bp so I changed it to 12bp but it made it even smaller.

Best Answer

Do not worry about these things. 99.9 % of people who ask for "Times New Roman 12pt" don't know what they mean by "Times New Roman", and they definitely don't know the first thing about point sizes. What they mean is that they want something that looks like what they get in their MS Word documents with Times New Roman 12pt.

Just use this and you're good to go:

\usepackage{tgtermes} % times font


You can't give 12bp as an option to the article class, as it only knows 10pt, 11pt, and 12pt. If you try to specify 12bp it'll just give you the warning Unused global option(s): [12bp] and fall back on the default setting 10pt.

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