[Tex/LaTex] KOMA handling of even/odd pages


I don't know if this is a bug or a configuration option that I've missed, but I've just noticed that in my document, KOMA script is putting odd pages on the right and even on the left, and yet the margins are configured so that the inside margins are less than the outside margins.

I didn't notice this before because I wasn't viewing my document in dual-page mode, but now that I've noticed it how can I change it so it gets the arrangement right?

Best Answer

This is the way it should be for scrreprt and scrbook. You can control this feature with the twoside-option. See the KOMA-Script manual, pp. 31 ff. and Markus Kohms german article about type area construction.

\documentclass[twoside=false]{scrbook}% treat even and odd pages the same way
\documentclass[twoside=true]{scrbook}% different head/foot and margins on even and odd pages
\documentclass[twoside=semi]{scrbook}% different head/foot but same margins