[Tex/LaTex] Keep all footnotes on the according page


Is there a way to keep all footnotes on the page where they belong to? I have several (20-30) footnotes per page (some short, some stretch over multiple lines). Sometimes latex places the last one or two footnotes on the next page.

Is there a way to enforce a strict footnote placement?

Best Answer

20 to 30 footnotes per page is unusual, so it's not surprising that default latex classes don't handle it well. The footmisc package has a feature (option para) to avoid starting a new line for each short footnote, which may help a little.

\dimen\footins (default 8truein) gives the maximum amount of space that Latex will allow for footnotes on one page. You can try increasing this.

You should also set \raggedbottom and \addtolength{\topskip}{0pt plus 10pt} to help tex look for page breaks before it's too late. (See this FAQ answer for the reason behind the stretchy \topskip).

Critical editions typically have a large number of footnotes, so possibly ledmac or one of the other packages for that purpose will have some features that can help you (I haven't checked).

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