[Tex/LaTex] Journal name not showing in reference (Natbib)


I'm using natbib to create the references but it's not showing all the information about the reference.

Here is my .bib:

author = "Ricci, L. and Weidemüller, M. and Esslinger, T. and Hemmerich, A. and Zimmermann, C. and Vuletic, V. and König, W. and Hänsch, T.W.",
title = "A compact grating-stabilized diode laser system for atomic physics",
journal = "Optics Communications",
year = "1995",
volume = "117",
pages ="541-549",}

This is the reference on the paper:
enter image description here

How do I get the journal name, volume and page number to show?

Best Answer

You have marked your input as type @journal, but this is non-standard so will be treated as for @misc. You need to use @article (an article in a journal).

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