[Tex/LaTex] itemsep equivalent for subitem


So I was wondering if there is the equivalent of itemsep for the subitems, particularly in the description environment. I know I could nest many environments one in the other but it seems ugly.


    \item[first item] \hfill\\
        \subitem \hfill\vspace{-1ex}\\
            some text
        \subitem \hfill\vspace{-1ex}\\
            some more text
        \subitem \hfill\vspace{-1ex}\\
            more text   
    \item[second item]
        \subitem some text 

This gives me what I want, but is there a way of replacing the 3 \vspace{-1ex} following the subitems by a general command for all the environment?


Best Answer

With the help of the enumitem package, it's straightforward to set different fonts and font shapes for the labels of items of varying hierarchical levels in a description list. The following MWE keeps the default for labels of level-1 description items (bold) but uses non-bold italics for the labels of level-2 description items. (If you wanted to use plain non-italics for the labels of level-2 description items, just leave off the \itshape directive.) Hopefully you can find some combination of font shapes and weights which doesn't strike you as ugly...

\setlist[description,2]{font=\normalfont\itshape} % non-bold italics
  \item[First item] Initial thoughts \ldots
    \item[Preliminaries] The quick brown fox jumps \ldots
    \item[Further stuff] \ldots\ over the lazy dog.
  \item[Second item] Further thoughts \ldots

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