[Tex/LaTex] Italicizing and Underlining journal and book titles respectively


I am trying to customize the bibtex environment using spbasic.bst file according to this answer. I would like to italicize journal titles while underlining book titles.

Now if we provide command \usepackage{ulem}, then all the titles (journal and book) are underlined. If it is suppressed, then all titles are italicized. How can I separate the two?

Best Answer

Be sure to do two things:

  • Load the ulem package with the option normalem:


    This will allow the continued use of \emph to create italic emphasis. To create emphasis by underlining, use \uline.

  • Change the style of emphasis used in Joseph Wright's answer to the question Is it possible to italicize journal names and book titles through the .bst file? Specifically, in your renamed copy of the file spbasic.bst, the function format.btitle should employ \uline instead of \emph:

    FUNCTION {format.btitle}
        title "title" bibinfo.check
        duplicate$ empty$ 
           "\uline{" swap$ * "}" * 

Happy BibTeXing!