[Tex/LaTex] Is there is a package so you can add text with visual effects like “WordArt” from “Word”

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I am elaborating a business card style for LaTeX but I found out that even if I have the style and margin for the cards I can not make it look "pretty" like other text editors without overusing text-images insertions, and this become tedious over time and more if you need to overlap an image to another one, because the background of the image needs to be transparent and it needs to be edited for that.

So like the title says, is there a package so you can add effects to sentences (like 3D, shadows, background-fade, fade, etc.)? Or does someone know some effects to make text "pretty"?

Best Answer

Using pstricks, we can do the following:



{\bigsf PSTricks}

\pscharpath[gradangle=90]{\nbigsf PSTricks}
\pscharpath[gradangle=90,linestyle=none]{\nbigsf PSTricks}

LightThreeDAngle=60,LightThreeDYLength=0.1]{\Rmb PSTricks}


enter image description here