[Tex/LaTex] Is \\[] as bad as \\ for new lines

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I have heard on multiple occasions that one should rather not use \\ to force new lines, unless one uses it in environments like tabular or align, and it is advised to use \par instead.

How about starting new lines and creating a given amound of vertical spacing with \\[<len>]? Is this macro derived from \\ and in the same way "bad" for normal text outside of environments? Should I use something like \par\vspace{<len>} instead? Or what is the cleanest, and most elegant way of creating lines of text with a fixed vertical spacing?


Best Answer

For one-off spacing changes, \smallskip, \medskip, and \bigskip are defined for this task.


    This is some dummy text.


    This is some dummy text.


After rereading the question, I'll note that these aren't 'fixed' spaces; they're rubber lengths (defined according to \smallskipamount, etc.) and will shrink/expand according to the amount of available vertical space when the page is being built.

$ texdef smallskip smallskipamount medskipamount bigskipamount

macro:->\vskip \smallskipamount 


3.0pt plus 1.0pt minus 1.0pt


6.0pt plus 2.0pt minus 2.0pt


12.0pt plus 4.0pt minus 4.0pt
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