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Closure of this question was unnecessary. My question is not a duplicate of the one linked to. My questions are Linux specific and ask for advice about using Kile on Linux. My question refers to more that style files. I have read the question that I have supposedly duplicated and none of the replies answer my question. Closure was unhelpful, misguided and basically unwelcoming.

I wanted to be able to cancel factors in the numerator and denominator with a dash. I searched this site and saw that I could use the package cancel. I tried to \usepackage{cancel}, but Kile didn't recognize it because it couldn't find the style file.

I found the web-page and have downloaded the style file cancel.sty. Sadly, I can't find where Kile keeps all of the style files. Even if I did find the folder, would I just cut-and-paste, or is there some more sophisticated process required to integrate new style files?

The problem is that I am a newbie to Linux and can't find where all of the files are kept. I found some commands for searching for files, but they either didn't work: the terminal claimed the (existing) file didn't exist, or the terminal started to list every file on my system.

  • Where are my style files kept on Linux Mint, using Kile?
  • Do I just cut-and-paste a new style file into the folder?

Best Answer

Not sure about Linux Mint - on Gentoo which should be following Linux standards, I look under


Don't forget to issue the texhash command as superuser after having added your style file.

You could also simply add cancel.sty to the working directory for your project, then it would be available for that project only.

On the newer versions of Mint (e.g. Sonya 18.02), when using texlive, it is under:


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