[Tex/LaTex] Install Biber in MiKTeX on a 64-bit version of Windows


Update: As of summer 2015 Biber is also included in the 64-bit repositories for MikTeX. There is no need to install Biber manually any more, it can simply be installed via the Package Manager just like other packages.

The question Biblatex + Biber + Texmaker + MiKTeX describes how to use Biber with MiKTeX. But on the 64-bit version of MiKTeX Biber isn't installed.

How it is possible to install Biber on a 64-bit version of Windows?

Can I use this file?

Best Answer

Edit October 2015: MikTeX now includes the 64-bit version of Biber.

Biber is only included in the 32-bit version of MiKTeX. Either install the 32-bit version (the 64-bit version is still experimental) or download Biber and copy biber.exe to $texfm$\miktex\bin.

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