[Tex/LaTex] Inserting ‘PTO’ (please turn over)


Is there a way to create a command which is like a \pagebreak (in that it suggests that it might be a good place to break a page, but certainly doesn't enforce it) but which inserts 'PTO' ("please turn over") near the bottom of the first page?

[The context is that I have computer-generated material in which there are, roughly speaking, many pairs of 'headers' and associated 'pictures'. Sometimes the pictures are so large that they have to go on a page of their own. The PTO would indicate that this has happened, and so one could distinguish a header-with-picture from a header-without-picture (which occasionally occurs).]

Best Answer

The turnthepage package does what you want (as Marc van Dongen commented). You'll probably want to change the text though:

\renewcommand{\turnthepage}{\itshape Please turn over...}

Resulting in:


Consult the documentation for package options and other features.

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