[Tex/LaTex] Inserting PNG file as is


I'm inserting a PNG file and it's rendered enlarged, somehow.
Here is my MWE:

hello, world.
the following screenshot should be rendered in 1:1 scale, isn't it?



Here is a screenshot I desire to insert: http://conus.info/tmp/screenshot.png
I use XeLaTeX.

And here is a result: http://conus.info/tmp/result.pdf

All I want is to insert a PNG picture (screenshot), so it will be rendered in the same width/height in PDF viewed at 100%.

The size of screenshot.png is 726 pixels by 489 pixels.
I want it to be exacly the same size when viewed in Acrobat Reader at 100%.

What should I do?

What are the best practices of inserting screenshots into TeX and exporting them to PDF?

Best Answer

This question cannot have general answer for ALL monitors.

The size of the PNG image on the screen depends on the screen resolution (e.g. 110.27 PPI (pixels per inch) for my MacBook), and on Retina (220 PPI) it will be twice smaller.

And the size of image inside PDF, shown at real 100%, will be monitor-independent.

Thus solution for my monitor:


will be different from yours: