[Tex/LaTex] Inserting a picture in an equation


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Can I insert an image into an equation?

Is there any method to insert a picture in an equation? I am trying to write an equation where one of the elements of the equation is a small image. I need to obtain a pattern like this:

2 * image1 + 3 * image2 = image3 (equation number)

Please note, one simple way is to make a figure and put all of these elements in it and use \includegraphics to load it into LaTeX document as a figure, however, I need to have an equation with the above structure, not a figure.

Best Answer

You can use \includegraphics in math mode.


2*\includegraphics{image1} + 3*\includegraphics{image2} = \includegraphics{image3}
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