[Tex/LaTex] insert MAPLE algorithm to LaTeX


I am writing my dissertation through LaTeX, and I want to insert the code from MAPLE, it is about 2 pages and I am not sure how to include the algorithm, do you have any idea how am I going to do it?

Best Answer

Maple (I assume you are talking about http://www.maplesoft.com/) has a built in style for including Maple code to the LaTeX environment.

What you do is simply locate you installation directory:


is my installation directory. If you are on a Windows machine it will be something like:

C:\Program Files\MapleSoft\Maple15

Within a folder named etc is located. In that style files and definitions used for Maple is located, you should see the following files:


if you use the built in Maple to LaTeX exporter you simply need to add these style files and definitions to your path.

I.e. copy them to your TeX file and compile.

I have attached a small output of an as-is output:

enter image description here

It has the last section folded in.