[Tex/LaTex] \input only part of a file


I would like to include part of the contents of a .tex file into a different .tex file. I don't have the option of modifying the file to include. The file to include may change so simply copying and pasting the part I need is not ideal.

Essentially, I'm wondering if there is something that would work like


where start and end are the first and last lines to include from the file?

Best Answer

Here is an approach in pure TeX (well, e-TeX). The main idea is: to select a range of lines in a file, sed is overkill, TeX is more than enough. As a bonus, no temporary file is needed.


% inputs #3, selecting only lines #1 to #2 (inclusive)
\newcommand*\partialinput [3] {%
    \openin\pin@file #3
    % skip lines 1 to #1 (exclusive)
    \@whilenum\value{pinlineno}<#1 \do{%
      \read\pin@file to\pin@line
    % prepare reading lines #1 to #2 inclusive
    \@whilenum\value{pinlineno}<#2 \do{%
      % use safe catcodes provided by e-TeX's \readline
      \readline\pin@file to\pin@line
    \errmessage{File `#3' doesn't exist!}%

% for testing purpose
5 You shouldn't see this.\par
6 Let the fun begin!
7 \iffalse
8 bla
9 \fi

11 New paragraph.
12 \verb*+\foo (two  spaces)~_$^+ bla
13 You shouldn't see this.\par


\partialinput{6}{12}{pitest} random text


I think/hope this approach is robust, mostly thanks to e-TeX's \readline. See the included test file for potential edge cases that do work.

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