[Tex/LaTex] Input a figure between title and body in twocolumn form


I'm using a LaTeX to write a small paper using CVPR template.

I'd like to put a figure between my title+name and body(which consists with two columns) like many CVPR papers do, but I don't find the way to do that.

I tried:

\fbox{\rule{0pt}{2in} \rule{.9\linewidth}{0pt}}
   \caption{some caption..}

But it turned out figure-star only displays it's figure at the top of next page,
and when I just use figure like \begin{figure}[htb], it's only located one of those two columns.

Does anyone know how to put a long figure between my title+name and body context?

Best Answer

The title is also set in double-column format and you can't have two of these in a row. You need to place the title and the (non-floating) figure into one \twocolumn[{..}] macro. The problem is that \maketitle already uses \twocolumn, but this can actually be redefined as a non-op.

This is analog to my solution for Span columns with a 'center' environment. I post it here again because it's for a different style and many beginners will have issues adapting the other post to CVPR.

I like to mention that having a figure directly below the title might not be a good style.

\usepackage{blindtext}% for dummy text only
\def\cvprPaperID{}% Remove and set correct ID

\author{A. Tester}
    \captionof{figure}{Test caption}

\Blindtext% Replace with your real text