[Tex/LaTex] Including many figures from a directory


I have a large number of figures (~300) in a folder called
'allimages'. The figures are numbered fig1.eps, fig2.eps,…..fig300.eps.
I want to put all of them in latex such that 6 images appear on one page.
What I know to do is something like this

\caption{Write the caption here.}
\vspace{0.0cm} \centering

But doing like this will be time consuming. Is it possible to have some
looping statement that makes it easier and help me skip long listing of
figures. Thanks!

Best Answer

This looks easiest to do using \foreach from the pgf bundle. To get everything on separate pages, you probably need a couple of loops:

\foreach\x in {0,1,...,49}{%
    \foreach\y in {1,2,...,6}{%
      \includegraphics[height=5.4cm]{allimages/fig\numexpr 6 * \x + \y\relax}
    \captionof{figure}{Images \number\numexpr 6 * \x + 1\relax\space to
      \number\numexpr 6 * \x + 6\relax.}

Doing all of this with floats will run out of space quite quickly (no intervening text), so I've used the \captionof command from the caption package to generate the appropriate text.