[Tex/LaTex] Including a forward slash within org mode italics block


In org mode (Emacs-24.4.1) I am trying to include a forward slash in a sentence that is italic but it is used as the italic boundary e.g.

/Using double Flk1^{-/-} mutants/

where I want the whole sentence italicised and the forward slash to be included in the superscript. I realise I can put a space between the first "-" and the "/" but this looks ugly. Also I could put it into a latex block but I was looking for something where it is italicised in the buffer as well. Is there some way of escaping it?

Best Answer

You might try this:

/Using double Flk1\slash{} mutants/

The {} are not actually needed in this case, but if after \slash{} wouldn't be a whitespace.

Although I must say, that this method in other cases is all but handy – f.e. when writing paths. Unfortunately org-mode has no consistent escaping concept until now.

(Also yet I didn't found the same for backslash – \backslash{} does not work for unknown reasons.)