[Tex/LaTex] Includepdf pages with page numbering of new document and remove blank page after section heading


I am a beginner to LaTeX and I have a few problems with the pdfpages package. I have to include certain pages from another file (compile them into a final report). I use the \includepdf{pages=3-5}{name.pdf} command but this creates two problems for me:

  1. The numbers are 3,4,5 which do not match the pages of my report (they should start from 5 onwards). Is there a command to do so?
  2. I have a section after which I include the pdf pages. This creates a page with solely the section name and the pdf inclusion starts from the next page. I tried using \includegraphics but that cuts off some of the content of the pdf. Is there a better way too?

Edit: solution for the page numbers

Ok, I found a solution which is so simple I am stupid for not reading about it first. I just had to add pagecommand={} in the options for the \includepdf command. This created a problem of having two page numbers on each page which I solved by removing the page numbers of the included document. The problem of the blank page is still there so if anyone has a solution, I would be grateful.

Edit2: MWE:

\title{Final Report} 


Best Answer

The page numbering problem you have already solved. It remains the first page with the section title. You could use \includegraphics[page=3]{Workplan.pdf}, appropriately scaled, after \section. But because of the section, there is less space on the first page, thus the page probably needs to be scaled down.

An alternative is again using pagecommand:


Depending on the margin settings and the first page of Workplan.pdf the section title may collide with stuff of the embedded page.

If Workplan.pdf is also generated by LaTeX, perhaps including/inputting the TeX source might also be an option.