[Tex/LaTex] Include PDF and Section into one site


For my projectwork I'd like to add some attachments. I got this one:

\section*{A. Projektplan}

But Latex generates two sites instead of one side. On the first, there is only the heading. On the second there is only the included pdf file. How can I add those into one site?

Best Answer

The \includepdf command from the pdfpages package inserts the PDF as separate pages into the document. That way, you don't have to worry about margins, headers etc - it simply inserts the PDF pages 1:1 like they were.

If you want to embed the PDF on the page, i.e. to have headers, respect the margins of the document etc. you don't need \includepdf, but you can use \includegraphics. That way the PDF can be handeled like any other image. In your case that would be


With that, you can only insert one page at a time. For a multi-page PDF, you would therefore need multiple \includegraphics commands.

Now there are several possibilities how to include the document:

  1. Include every page with \includegraphics (probably using a for loop). Still, not a very nice solution.
  2. Include the first page using \includegraphics to have the section heading, and include the rest with \pdfpages.
  3. Have the section heading on the first page, maybe add a short description, and then add all documents with \pdfpages (as you had before).
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