[Tex/LaTex] In TeXnicCenter I’m trying to produce a PDF but no output is being created


Very simple really.
I installed TeXnicCenter, Adobe Reader X and MiKTeX 2.9.

Tried to build a code in the PDF format. I get 4 new files but no .pdf file.
Yet another option listed as LaTeX => PS => PDF does produce the required result?

What is going on?

Best Answer

If a pdf is produced (apart from looking in the output folder, TexnicCenter will tell you the number of pages in the pdf file: if that's greater than 0 then the pdf file has been produced) then you may need to adjust the TexnicCenter settings to cope with Adobe Reader X. Full details of how to do this are at TexnicCenter and Adobe Reader 10 / X. Please also read the comments for extra information.