[Tex/LaTex] In BibTex, when should I use ‘howpublished’ and when ‘url ‘


I'm writing a piece whose bibliography with some technical reports, presentation, manuals, and just websites. In the .bib file, I need to decide whether to use 'howpublished' fields, or 'url' fields for the addresses of where these are at

When should I use which of them?

Note: I currently use the abbrv bibliography style, but I'd like a more general answer .

Best Answer

First of all I recommend you to use biblatex since it is very adaptable and processes information greatly!

In the biblatex manual, they are defined as follows:

howpublished: A publication notice for unusual publications which do not fit into any of the common categories

url: The URL of an online publication.

Thus, I recommend you in general to use the "url" field if you want to add a url to a reference. "Howpublished" would be "internet" or "online" in that case, but negligible, stating the URL shows already that you refer to an online source.

But it also depends on your bibliography style.

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