[Tex/LaTex] Images in posters


I am using the template from Elena Botoeva to create an A0 poster. How do I insert figures (pdf) into each node? I am guessing that \usepackage{graphicx} will be needed but it keeps giving errors saying that there are too many closing brackets, }.

Best Answer

First include the graphics package in the preamble.


Then just use


within one of the \blocknode environments that are defined.

For example, to include a picture in the Personalizing the Poster section of the example, use this:

\blocknode {Personalizing the Poster}%
{It is possible to adjust the layout of the poster. To impose your own setting, you can use these macros:



and it should work fine.

If you have two files with different extensiosn (e.g. .eps and .pdf), and you desperately want to use the pdf, just add the extension to the file name: